Prairie Noodle Shop’s Ramen Pop Up #4

Back in June, I attended Prairie Noodle’s Shop fourth, and last, ramen pop up. Fear not though! Us Yeggers will soon be able to enjoy their ramen any day we want, in a restaurant environment 😉 And thankfully there won’t be no need to anxiously buy tickets online for a fulfilling bowl of ramen. Their last pop up was held at Ernest’s Dining Room in Nait. Compared to their other pop ups of 100 bowls, this last one had the most of 250 bowls for 250 hungry ramen lovers! Tickets were bought through Eventbrite and paid for at the door. $15 + GST a bowl! 
The tsukemen styled ramen cannot be found in Edmonton. It was actually my first time hearing about it! Served in a dipping style, the noodles and toppings were separate from the broth. The ramen was Alberta inspired of course, focusing on meat and potatoes. Potatoes AND ramen? That definitely got me excited. Two of my favorite things combined! Props to you Prairie Noodle Shop. Because… there are no rules when it comes to eating ramen!, as stated by Arden Tse, one of the ramen masterminds.

Noodles were freshly made to achieve THAT certain texture. If you’ve had ramen, I’m sure you’ll know what I’m talking about. Who made them? Secret Asian lady from the southside that will still remain unnamed! She’s been making the noodles for all their pop ups and I’m hoping they’ll be keeping her noodles for the future as well. The toppings were grounded up Alberta beef from D’Arcy’s market mixed with diced potatoes for crunch. Pickled chillies were added in for a bit of spice but there was only a mild touch, thankfully! Combined together, the toppings were very flavorful. The soup was potato based (yay more potato ingredients!). It was a tangy and rich broth, an stuck well to the noodles. Of course the ramen had a pickled egg. Whoever made it must have perfected it!

Seriously, look at that oozing egg. My mouth is watering. Anyways, ramen lovers could either eat the tsukemen traditionally by dipping the noodles into the broth, or combining the broth with the noodles like a soup. I tried dipping it at first but ended up combining the two since I wanted to taste more of the broth with my noodles. The broth stuck perfectly to the noodles! This bowl of ramen was seriously the most filling I’ve ever had. 

The grand finale of Prairie’s Noodle Shop’s ramen pop ups sure made a mark. Completely different from any other ramen I’ve tried, I’m super excited to see what they offer in the future! Hopefully some of the pop up ramen bowls will be available at their restaurant but if not, I know that unique and delicious flavors will be created. Location will be on 124 street in the heart of downtown, with opening date set around the end of this year. It’s great to see how successful these guys have gotten with every ramen pop-up. You can definitely find me at their restaurant when they open for sure! I’ll fight my way in for a bowl of ramen.. jk.