124 Street, Edmonton

Urban Diner

Urban Diner has two locations in Edmonton, one near the University and one on 124 street. I’ve been to both locations but I usually go to the one on 124 street, which I will be writing about. Although the word “diner” is in their name, the interior doesn’t really look like a diner to me. Their menu on the other hand has a lot of classics that you’d find at a diner. Great place for comfort food. Seating, food, and service are fairly quick even during a busy time such as when they have their weekend brunch. I enjoy their regular menu more than their brunch, though.

Fish N Chips $17
The portion of the fish n chips is huge here. It comes with 3 big pieces of beer battered fish, along with a side of diner fries. (I remember coming here before with 2 other people and sharing this dish because we weren’t super hungry!). This time, I attempted to tackle the dish myself. The deep fried haddock fish tasted fresh and delicious dipped into the tartar sauce. The diner fries were crispy and lightly seasoned. Urban Diner is definitely one of my go-to places for fish n chips. Oh, and did I finish it? Sadly no.. 

Diner Mac N Cheese $10.50
My friend ordered the mac n cheese, which was their daily special for Thursdays so it costed $7 instead. They usually have a different item for each day of the week with special pricing. The dish was very creamy. It was rich in flavour from the different types of cheese. The mac n cheese was accompanied by a big loaf of garlic toast, which I kept sneaking bites from. It was so soft and flavourful!

Oreo Tiramisu
Urban Diner always has a case full of fresh desserts that you’ll see as soon as you walk in. We decided to share a slice of the oreo tiramisu. It was my second time eating it. SO GOOD. It doesn’t taste like tiramisu though, there were no hints of coffee. But it is soft and fluffy like how you would expect tiramisu to be. It reminded me more of an oreo/cookies and cream cheesecake. 
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Address: 12427 102 Ave