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Sunbake Pita Bakery

I’m so glad I visited this hidden gem on the northside! I’ve passed by Sunbake Pita Bakery countless amounts of time when I used to take the bus since it would always pass by it on the way to WEM from Northgate but never really payed attention. It’s a little Lebanese food shop selling fresh pitas, pies (think Lebanese pizzas), shawarmas, nuts, and fatayers! Everything is super cheap as well and fills you up! They open super early everyday (6 am) and everything in the place is freshly made. Their pitas are distributed throughout Edmonton to different eateries and grocery stores. The owner was very friendly and informative as well. Sunbake Pita is good for a quick bite or picking up takeout or pitas to make your own pizzas.
Fresh vegetables

Since it was our first time there, the owner helped my friend and I choose what to order. He suggested that we try one of their pies along with their famous chicken shawarma. It only cost $12.50 to fill us both up! It might’ve been the cheapest non fast food meal I’ve experienced in the city for two people. 

We decided to share a potato pie along with a chicken shawarma. The pie was decently sized to be shared among 2 to 3 people. The pita was fresh, hot, and had a slight crisp. It was topped with shredded potatoes and seasoned with herbs and lemon for a zesty touch. I felt that it was missing a bit of flavour, probably from the lack of sauce. They offer many other types of pies if you’re not a fan of potatoes (but who isn’t really!?).

We were also given a small plate of freshly cut vegetables to share. So colorful!

My friend and I shared a regular sized chicken shawarma. The staff was kind enough to split it and package it separately for the two of us. Honestly I’m not sure how someone could finish the large size if the regular was already so filling. The shawarma represented a wrap using the bakery’s housemade pita bread with grilled chicken, purple turnips, and garlic tzatiki sauce. The purple turnips added texture and flavour to the wrap. The chicken was juicy but a bit under seasoned. The garlic tzatiki sauce wasn’t too strong but I wish it was more evenly spread throughout the shawarma. There were a few bites where I didn’t taste any sauce at all.

Fatayers are my new addiction. $10 will get you a dozen of meat pies which are basically pieces of heaven. The meat fatayers are savoury pastries filled with ground beef, spices, and a mild tomato flavour. They are so good! My tip is that I like to bake them in the oven for five minutes the day after I buy them. The dough comes out with a slight crisp while the center is warm. Other fatayers that Sunbake carries are spinach and cheese filled ones.

Sunbake Pita also sells a huge variety of nuts. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to try any but hopefully next time I can!

I will be back to get some more fatayers and try out other pies. It’s definitely worth stopping by!

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Address: 10728 134 Ave