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Sparta Greek Grill

I looooove Greek food. I blame it on working at the mall and having nothing else to eat. It used to be OPA every lunch break till I switched jobs and went to Jimmy the Greek instead. Surprisingly, I found a Greek place in the northside that I’d actually passed by so many times and never noticed! My friend and I actually came here three times before we finally got to eat it. The first two times, they were closed unexpectedly. I guess the third time really is the charm.
Sparta Greek Grill is a family owned restaurant located on 137 ave in the White Oaks area beside Superstore. Their menu has a lot of variety and the owner is super friendly! Food choices are mainly salads, side orders, platters, and pita wraps. The prices are reasonable and portions are filling. The atmosphere is warming and inviting. I suggest sitting upstairs because the walls are designed to make you feel like you’re in Greece!
We both ordered platters for ourselves, which are accompanied by 3 side orders, pita bread, and tzatiki sauce. The platter choices available are souvlaki (chicken, beef, or lamb), beef keftedes, salmon fillet, and veggie falafel. 
Beef Keftedes Platter $10.99
I had the beef keftedes platter. I usually get souvlaki at other Greek places so I wanted to try something new. Beef keftedes can be described as similar to a hamburger patty because it’s made with lean ground beef but added with herbs and spices to give it flavour. The keftedes was very juicy and tender. For my side orders, I had Greek salad, fries, and Greek rice. I am not the biggest fan of Greek salad in general but the owner told me that she makes the best so I was convinced. Her Greek salad was indeed very juicy and fresh. It was a refreshing addition to the meal. The fries were delicious! They weren’t too oily but lightly deep fried and crispy with Greek spices and lemon juice. The rice was disappointing. It was very bland and some were dry as well. The pita bread was soft and dipped with tzatiki sauce that was freshly made in house.

Beef Souvlaki $11.99
My friend got the beef souvlaki which was marinated with olive oil, lemon juice, fresh herbs, and spices. The beef was grilled then served. I tried a piece and found it to be a bit too dry. For his side orders, he had the same salad and rice as me, along with roasted potatoes. The potatoes could’ve been a bit more softer but they are baked so that would explain why there was a slight crisp.

Sparta Greek Grill is worth stopping by if you’re in the northside craving Greek food.

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Address: 12208 137 Ave