Prairie Noodle Shop’s Ramen Pop Up #3

I apologize for the suuuuuper delayed post regarding this ramen pop-up. So back into the winter time I was able to attend Prairie Noodle Shop’s second ramen pop up (link here). When I heard that they were doing a third one, I knew I had to get tickets for it. Tickets sold out in less than 5 minutes and this time, the pop up was located at The Pourhouse on Whyte Ave back in March. For anyone who isn’t sure what a ramen pop up is, it basically means that the awesome people from Prairie Noodle Shop host a night where they cook delicious ramen at a certain location. It only happens for one night and there’s a limited number of tickets sold through Eventbrite (100 bowls to be exact). Buying the tickets was very nerve-wracking, not gonna lie. I MUST GET MY RAMEN FIX! 

Anyways, for the third pop-up, the ramen had no meat. It was a cheese ramen. Yup, that’s right. I told someone about this and they were like so it was basically pasta. Um, no dude this cheese ramen was on a whole different level from pasta. It was a mixture of cheesiness and garlic-ness. It was like nothing I had ever tasted before.
So how did the cheese ramen work? The entire bowl was vegetarian free which means that there was no meat based broth this time. The broth was made from chinese vegetables instead and the umami came from miso. Umami = a requirement in every ramen bowl. Noodles were freshly made from a secret Chinese lady in the southside of the city. Toppings? Cheese and garlic. Shredded gouda was piled on top of the ramen which would slowly melt into the hot soup. The cheese had Chinese spices which was very flavorful. There was a big chunk of garlic on the side which was meant for adding into the soup into small portions. I made the mistake of adding in the whole thing but I didn’t mind because I love anything garlic flavored. To garnish the ramen were pickled Chinese radishes, dried bean sheets, bean sprouts, kimchi, and pickle onions. Texture and crunchiness were created from these additions to a normally “soft” ramen. Altogether, this created a bowl of richness and creaminess. An unforgettable experience for my ramen loving self for sure!
Well when’s the next ramen pop-up? This weekend! It’s actually the final one though but good news… For those who missed out on grabbing tickets, have no fear. There might be a “permanent” location opening up sometime soon. Let’s hope that our ramen wishes come true and the location will be opened for sure 😉 Shoutout to Prairie Noodle Shop for always being awesome hosts and making some of YEG’s best ramen. See you ramen lovers this weekend!