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Hathaway’s Diner

I’ve lived in the northside of Edmonton my whole life so it’s safe to say that I’ve tried out pretty much every restaurant the northside has. Wow that statement makes me sound like I’m super old but I’m actually not lol.. Anyways, I was surprised when I heard that there was a diner located north that I’ve never been to. It’s not a new diner either, so I guess you can kind of consider it a hidden gem. 
Hathaway’s Diner is in a random neighborhood and it’s a pretty small diner. I would say that it’s about 5 minutes from the Skyview area. If you go around lunch time, chances are that you’ll probably have to wait for a table. The diner is very quaint though and service is super friendly. Side note that they’re closed Sundays and Mondays and opened 7-4 pm the other days. They serve breakfast, lunch, and pies along with daily specials. The prices are reasonable cheap and the food portions are sure filling!

My friend and I both ordered hamburger steak and eggs. It came out as a big hamburger patty topped with fried onions, eggs, and the best hashbrowns I’ve ever tasted. Whoever cooked these hashbrowns, SHOUTOUT TO YOU. I stole half of my friend’s cause they were so good, sorry. But back to the hamburger “steak”. I guess hamburger steak and eggs sounds more appealing than hamburger patty and eggs on the menu. The patty was juicy and seasoned well, topped with a lot of fried onions. Eggs were eggs, you can’t really go wrong with those. Okay now for the hashbrowns – they were roasted and salted perfectly, and weren’t dry at all. SO GOOD. 
Why do those sunny side eggs look so perfect?

Obviously I can’t leave a restaurant without eating dessert. At Hathaway’s, pies are $5 for a slice or $25 for a whole one and there is always a few flavours offered. I originally ordered lemon meringue but sadly they ran out that day so I got apple pie instead. The crust was flaky and you could tell that it had been baked fresh that day. The filling threw me off though.. it was kind of salty. My friend had some and he agreed that it was weirdly savoury. Not too savoury though, the sweetness of the apples still stood out but I ended up eating more ice cream and pie crust than the filling. Maybe we just got a weird slice that day.. 
For all the northsiders or anyone who is brave enough to make a trip to the northside, stop by Hathaway’s Diner! I’ll certainly be back for sure. 

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Address: 13225 132 Street