124 Street, Edmonton

Tiramisu Bistro

Tiramisu Bistro is a cute and brightly lit bistro-cafe on 124 Street, steps away from Duchess Bake Shop. I’ve been here a few times for lunch but this time I decided to stop by for dinner with my cousin. They only have one menu (along with a smaller breakfast menu) so it was the one that I was used to, some of it written on the chalkboard menus on the walls. Tiramisu Bistro offers panini, pasta, bruschetta, wraps, and appetizers. There is also a selective dessert and gelato display, one of the items being tiramisu of course! The atmosphere is very comforting, with bright green walls to add onto the liveliness of the interior. Although the service was a bit lacking, it’s a good place for a friendly date or even to study with some coffee!
Motivational interior

My cousin ordered the tiramisu latte ($4.50) which was composed of dark chocolate, espresso, and steamed milk. She found it to be kind of bitter considering how it was a latte and one that was suppose to represent a tiramisu – something on the creamier side. It would’ve represented more of a tiramisu if less espresso was used. 

I had ordered the pizza sticks ($12) on a previous visit and knew that I had to have them again. Listed in the appetizers on the menu, they’re great for sharing. The pizza sticks should’ve been advertised as garlic bread sticks though, because that’s what they seem like. These rolled bread sticks were lightly covered in garlic and parsley with a small bowl of tomato basil sauce for dipping. The tomato basil sauce was also made with formaggio (cheese) which created a flavorful taste. A great combination with the garlic and parsley breadsticks.

For myself, I got the spaghetti carbonara ($15.50). At first sight, it appeared to be a small portion but it was actually pretty filling! So filling that I wasn’t able to finish it. There was A LOT of bacon in it (all you bacon lovers will love this dish) and the creamy egg sauce wasn’t too heavy but needed just a bit more salt. 
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Address: 10750 124 Street