YYC: Taiko Taco

Last weekend, I went to Chasing Summer in Calgary. It’s an electronic music festival if you’re not sure what it is. I went last year but didn’t get the chance to try out a food truck. This year, I made sure to go on a hungry stomach. There were so many trucks to try. The foodie inside me was very happy! 
I decided to try out Taiko Taco food truck after seeing my friend’s snapchat of it. It looked so darn good. Points are definitely given for presentation. Flavours have an asian fusion twist on them and tacos are served on steamed buns. Pricing is 3 for $12. I found it to be overpriced, especially since I wasn’t full after. For that price, I would expect 4 tacos or 3 bigger portions.

I had the pork belly tacos. The 24 hour sous vide pork is served with kimchi slaw, green onions, black sesame, and gochujang glaze. The pork itself was juicy and tender. The vegetables were fresh. But altogether, the tacos tasted bland. Gochujang is suppose to be spicy and flavourful – it was oddly neither of these on the tacos. I was disappointed in the end by these good looking, tasteless, overpriced tacos but it didn’t ruin my night at Chasing. Good vibes only! 😀
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