YYC: Calgary Court Restaurant

Sometimes, venturing off into a new foodie territory or city can be scary. You have to trust your senses. And Zomato (IMY Urbanspoon..). Enter Chinatown Calgary. I prefer it over Edmonton’s because I feel safer walking around during daylight and there seemed to be more food choices. Also, it was Asian gift shop heaven. The few times that I’ve eaten in Chinatown were not good experiences. 
This time, I chose to go to Calgary Court Restaurant judging from the photos pasted outside the restaurant and online reviews. It’s owned by the Taste of Asia restaurant group, which also owns a variety of restaurants including T Pot and Forbidden City. Calgary Court can be described as a modern Hong Kong style cafe. The place seemed pretty busy for lunchtime and the interior was quite clean. Their menu had a variety of Asian style dishes for affordable prices. They are open late as well, until 1 am on Friday and Saturdays and 12 am other days.

Crispy Chinese Dough Wrapped in Rice Cake $5.75
For an appetizer, I had the ever so popular rice roll wraps which is one of my favorite items at Chinese restaurant. The ones here are made with Chinese long donut inside then topped with sesame seeds. It was different from other places because instead of soy sauce, there was peanut sauce at the bottom and hoisin sauce on the side. I actually enjoyed it with the peanut sauce because it wasn’t too overwhelming.
Tossed Noodles with Wonton in Oyster Sauce $9.25
The tossed noodle dishes here can either be served dry with a sauce or in a soup broth. I had mine dry with oyster sauce and accompanied with wontons. The wontons are very big in size and are stuffed with shrimp only. The noodles seemed to be never ending but it was tasteless, even with the sauce. The dish was filling but wasn’t something that wowed me.
Overall, Calgary Court Restaurant is a good place to go to if you’re craving some Hong Kong style dishes in Chinatown. The food was a bit greasy and made me super thirsty for water afterwards but that’s usually expected after a Chinese meal.
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Address: 119 2 Ave SE