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O2 Joe’s

Yay it’s my 100th post!

I was craving wings last night so my friend and I went to O2 Joe’s in the northside. It’s a pub and taphouse with a patio that overlooks the street. We didn’t even know where the door was at first because it’s a huge black door with no windows.. The inside of the pub is very dark and dingy, definitely not my kind of atmosphere. There’s a dance floor with a huge bar and alcohol selection so I’m guessing it’s a bit busy on weekends. Since it was a warm evening out, we sat on the patio. There were a few other tables there. O2 Joe’s is one of the rare places in the city to do a wing special 7 days a week. Their special is 45 cent wings after 4 pm until closing. Their food menu is quite extensive considering how they are just a pub. The food came out very quick which was a bonus since I was really hungry, after a whole day of scooping gelato at Taste of Edmonton!
They don’t seem to be associated with the multiple O2’s locations around the city. 

Potato Boats (5 pieces) $10.75

Another fancy word for potato skins. Nothing fancy about this plate though, but you can’t really make potato skins anything special right? Each one was topped with melted cheese, bacon bits, and onions, and served with a side of sour cream. Tasty enough to eat with wings. I found them to be overpriced though. That’s what I get for ordering something I could easily make myself. 
Wings 45 cents each

They advertise wings as 45 cents each but you have to get 10 wings per order so it comes out to at least $4.50 spent. Normally they’re $11.75 for an order so it’s still a pretty good deal. We had honey garlic and Jack Daniels BBQ. The wings were covered in way too much sauce. After eating past the sauce, the wings were dry. The honey garlic sauce was off while the Jack Daniels BBQ was a savoury BBQ sauce. I probably would’ve enjoyed it more if there was more meat than sauce. Also, we had quite a few wings leftover and wanted to pack it up but apparently this isn’t allowed…

Beef Sliders $2 each 

O2’s also has food specials that change everyday. Since we went on a Monday night, beef sliders were $2 each. On other days, they’re sold as 3 per order for $10.25. The sliders came on soft patties and the beef was juicy enough for my liking. It came with BBQ sauce, melted cheddar cheese, and grilled onions. I was the most satisfied with this item. 
I wouldn’t come back to this place. The food is meh overall and I didn’t enjoy the vibe. 

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Address: 13509 127 Street