Edmonton, Sweet Tooth

Sweet Treats for Your Sweetheart

Happy love day! I decided to treat myself out to some Valentine’s sweet treats this year. If you need some (very) last minute Valentine’s gift ideas, maybe you can treat your sweetheart to one of these!

  • Valentine’s Box from Zwicks Pretzels 

When I saw on Instagram that Zwick’s Pretzels was offering a Valentine’s Box of limited flavours, I knew I had to make an order! The box includes 6 pretzels with 3 flavours – Cinnamon Spice, Chocolate-Dipped, and Salt & Butter. The pretzels were delicious and fresh. My favourite would’ve been the Chocolate-Dipped with cute mini candy hearts on it. The chocolate didn’t melt all over my fingers as I ate it, which was a bonus.

Read my full review on Zwick’s Pretzels here: http://mshangryfoodie.com/2017/02/zwicks-pretzels-2.html/

  • Pink Bing from Let Eat Snow

I love the Bing from Let Eat Snow! If you haven’t heard of it or been there, it’s a Korean dessert cafe on the southside. I still need to blog about my experiences there but for now, just make due with this little summary! Bing is Korean shaved ice. Let Eat Snow uses 100% milk base and doesn’t add water to it. It’s made frozen once ordered so you’ll always know that they’re not using leftover shaved ice! They have a variety of Bing flavours but for Valentine’s Day, they introduced Pink Bing (available for a limited time). Pink Bing is composed of a raspberry puree, ordered from France. It is layered with Oreo cookie crumbles and raspberry chunks then topped with vanilla ice cream surrounded by heart shaped candies, and then a rose-shaped sugar candy at the top. The very bottom has Nesquik cereal, which their other Bing has as well. This is my favorite part because when you get to the bottom, the Bing is pretty much melted so it’s like you’re eating cereal and milk!

  • Heart Macaron Gift Box from Duchess Bakeshop

Duchess Bake Shop is now available at RAAS in West Edmonton Mall! It’s part of the same mini-shop as Moonshine Doughnuts. If you’ve never been to RAAS, it’s a small marketplace composed of different local businesses! I grabbed this Heart Macaron Gift Box from there last week but they are also available at Duchess’ main location on 124 street. The gift box includes 6 macarons of 2 flavours: Chocolate Coconut and Raspberry Pain d’Epices. Chocolate Coconut tasted just like a cookie and I felt like the chocolate overpowered the coconut because I barely tasted any. It was a bit too sweet for my liking but chocolate lovers will enjoy this. I liked Raspberry Pain d’Epices more! It had hints of cinnammon throughout and raspberry jam in the middle, which was the best part. If you’re interested in the other macarons that Duchess at RAAS offers, they are: Classic Macaron Box (5 pieces – Pistachio, Rose, Lemon, Salted Caramel, Vanilla) and Macaron Gift Box which I believe changes weekly (8 pieces – Pistachio, Rose, Lemon, Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Blueberry Lavendar, Raspberry Pain d’Epices, Chocolate Coconut). Macarons are brought in daily and they also offer jars of salted caramel.

I hope you and your sweetheart have a sugar-filled Valentine’s Day! Let me know your thoughts if you pick up any of these sweet treats or any other ones around the city.