Edmonton, Sweet Tooth, Whyte Ave

Ohana Donuterie: Hawaiian Donuts

Beachy vibes and Hawaiian donuts. The perfect escape from Edmonton’s cold days!

Ohana Donuterie is the first place in Edmonton to offer Hawaiian donuts. Originally a food truck (and still one in the summer), they have recently opened up their brick + mortar shop near Whyte Ave! So what exactly is a Hawaiian donut and how is it different from a regular donut? A Hawaiian donut, similar to a Portuguese donut (malasada), is thicker and has more fried dough than a regular donut. It also doesn’t contain a hole, which is why the donuts at Ohana Donuterie can be filled with your choice of filling! The donuts at Ohana are made fresh to order and you basically get to create your own. Donuts must be served fresh otherwise they will be thrown out. Unlike other places, you will almost never see any donuts on display here.

The interior of Ohana Donuterie emitted a cozy Hawaiian atmosphere. There was a decently sized seating area as well as small Hawaiian touches such as surfboards to hang your coats on.

The steps to order a donut are quite simple! Although the base of the donut is the same, you get to customize it with a topping and filling. First, you choosing a topping (cinammon sugar, chocolate dip, vanilla dip, or plain). Then you choose a filling (coconut cream, chocolate cream, vanilla cream, chocolate filling, vanilla filling, or none). Donuts are $2.25 and filled donuts are $2.75.

For myself, I tried their chocolate dip donut with a vanilla cream filling. I wanted to recreate one of my all-time favourite donuts: cream supreme. Although the donut was thicker than your average donut, it was very light to bite into! Since I ate mine when it was still hot, I found that the filling of whipped cream had started to melt. Aside from that, I did enjoy my donut and found it to be very fresh! Side note: to eat the donut, bite into the hole first otherwise you might get a donut explosion. If you’re looking to recreate a Boston Creme donut, I would suggest ordering the chocolate dip with vanilla filling. This is also one of their most popular donuts! What’s the difference between vanilla filling and vanilla cream filling? Vanilla filling is similar to a custard while vanilla cream filling is similar to whipped cream.

Along with their regular donut menu, a donut of the month is offered as well as a featured donut every week. The donut of the month comes out on the first day of each month. During my visit, I was lucky enough to try their Flamin’ Hot Cheeto donut, the donut of the week. This was weird. Weirdly good. I love Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and luckily the owner offered me this donut to try out! It was a mixture of sweet and spicy, but mainly sweet. If you don’t like spice or chip-flavoured donuts then I would suggest straying away from this, if Ohana ever brings it back.

Coffee, espresso, and other hot beverages are offered for you to enjoy your donut with. My friend and I tried their Macademia Machiatto and Chai Latte (not pictured). We aren’t big coffee lovers but we found the Macademia Machiatto to be perfect for people like us. It was smooth, not bitter, and drinkable for most palettes. The Chai Latte was very frothy and light on the spices. It was sweeter than other ones I’ve tried but didn’t stand out for me.

If you’re a fan of fresh donuts custom made to your liking, I would definitely recommend checking it out! It certainly isn’t your average Timmie’s donut. Also, if you’re planning to order more than a dozen donuts, make sure to text in your order first.

My friend that accompanied me vlogged about this place! Watch her video & subscribe to her here: https://www.youtube.com/thatsreallyjen

Address & Hours:

Ohana Donuterie

10347 80 Ave

Edmonton, AB

Mon-Thurs: 8am-9pm

Fri: 8am-10pm

Sat: 9am-10pm

Sun: 10am-9pm