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Yummy Chicken

Korean eateries are popping up left and right in Edmonton! What’s the newest one? Yummy Chicken! I’m sure you can guess what it sells just from the name. Located in Millwoods, Yummy Chicken focuses mainly on chicken dishes such as Korean fried chicken, grilled chicken, and chicken ribs. They do have a few other non-chicken dishes such as bulgogi, pork cutlet, and udon noodle bowls to name a few. Their chicken is great for sharing with 2-4 other people but they do have one-person combos as well. The combo includes 3 or 5 pieces of chicken with salad or fries on the side. 

Chalkboard menu – they have an actual menu as well, though
Spicy Boneless Chicken & Corn w/ Melted Cheese $34.99
The item that caught my eye the most was their Korean fried chicken with melted cheese dish. It’s served with cheesy Korean corn on the side (see next image). It seemed perfect for sharing since it included two pop cans so my friend and I decided to order it for sharing. We found the portion to be quite huge and had enough leftovers to fill up another person. The Korean fried chicken is boneless and served in a hot plate with melted mozzarella cheese. It was accompanied by a smaller hot plate with corn and melted cheese on top. For the chicken, there are two choices of sauce: sweet & spicy or just spicy, which is on the hotter side. Since neither of us can really eat spicy food, we took the risk and ordered sweet & spicy. The waitress told us it was the milder of the two sauces. We enjoyed the sauce a lot since we barely tasted any spice at all. The chicken also wasn’t drenched in sauce but had the right amount. The boneless chicken was tender and breaded very well, adding a slight crisp to the texture. It was enjoyable eating the chicken and dipping it into the cheese. The only thing I would recommend is eating the cheese while the plate is hot since it hardens quickly once it cools off. 
Cheesy Korean Corn (side dish)
I had never tried cheesy Korean corn till now but apparently it’s a very popular side dish in Korea! It’s interesting to see it popping up in Edmonton for the first time. As odd as it may sound, corn and cheese can actually go together! I can see why people would enjoy this as a side dish though, it’s light but at the same time the cheese makes it indulgent. 
Head down to the Millwoods area if you want to jump on the Korean savoury cheese craze! I may be back, if I’m ever craving some fried chicken surrounded in boiling cheese. 
Yummy Chicken
Address: 6111 28 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB

Mon – Sat: 11 am to 10 pm
Sun: closed

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