Edmonton, Southside

Miga Korean Cuisine

Miga is the newest Korean restaurant to open up in Edmonton. Like most Korean eateries, it’s located somewhere in the southside. I swear that’s where all the good food is! I mainly came to Miga to try out one thing in particular which was their hot stone plate with dipping cheese. Yes, dipping cheese. I’ve only started seeing this food trend recently last year on social media but knew I had to try it (even though I’m kinda lactose, oops). Miga serves the traditional dishes you’d find at most Korean restaurants in the city (bulgogi, short rib, noodles, bibimbap, and hot pot/stew). They also have don katsu (fried pork cutlet with cheese) which I didn’t have a chance to try. Our food was accompanied by the usual banchan.

Topokki $32
They have two types of hot stone plates: topokki and hot and spicy stir fried chicken with vegetables. My friend and I decided to share topokki. It’s a mixture of soft rice cakes and fish cakes in a spicy chili sauce. The sauce has a bit of sweetness to it. We requested the sauce to be made mildly spicy but since my friend and I are both weak when it comes to spice, we both died halfway. The hot plate comes with cheese, egg, and corn. The cheese melts as the hot plate is heated when it’s brought out to the table. I recommend eating the cheese first since it will harden as it cools off. There are a few deep fried dumplings and vegetables to dip into the cheese and spicy sauce. Overall, this was an interesting dish to try out. It is quite a big portion so it’s probably better to share amongst 3-4 people rather than between just 2. The food got overwhelming halfway through the meal and I also felt like I was lacking meat, even though there was fish in it. 

Korean Style BBQ Short Ribs $24 
We ordered this halfway since we desperately needed food that was meaty and savoury. Well, it saved the day. These barbeque-d short ribs were tender and perfectly marinated. I highly recommend ordering these if you come here! I could’ve honestly eaten the whole thing to myself with a bowl of rice and been satisfied. 
Miga is a great place to check out if you’re craving Korean food. Don’t let it disappear into the many eateries that are in the same area. 
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Address: 9261 34 Avenue