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Blaze Pizza

The latest pizza joint to hit the city goes by the name of Blaze Pizza. It’s a California based chain with countless locations in the US, and very few in Canada. We are lucky to be one of the few (the others are Toronto and Calgary). It’s actually owned by the creators of Wetzels Pretzel! Blaze Pizza follows the trendy “made to order” concept that a lot of eateries are taking part in nowadays. No complaints though, it’s quicker and more efficient, which means… less hangry waiting time for me! Blaze Pizza is found in Manning Town Centre which already has multiple eateries in the area (such as Five Guys and soon to be Brown’s Socialhouse). Finally, the northside is getting some good recognition. The interior is spacious and has a modern feel to it. The service is super friendly! My friend and I were greeted right as we walked in. When it was our turn to order, the worker was very informative on explaining how the ordering process worked. Great service always adds to an enjoyable experience.

At Blaze Pizza, you have the choice of ordering one of their signature pizzas or building your own. (Have you noticed a lot of similarities between this and Love Pizza? A mini comparison will be made later!). If you choose to make your own creation, it’s basically unlimited toppings for one price. Solid deal. There’s a gluten free crust available as well and a high-rise crust (for an additional charge) if you want your pizza nice and thick. All of the pizzas come in one size, which is quite filling! The pizza only takes 3 minutes to be “Fast Fire’d” in their 800 degree open flame oven.

During my trip, I decided to try one of their house creations. I went with the White Top, a white cream sauce based pizza with mozzarella cheese, applewood bacon, garlic, oregano, and arugula. The crust of the pizza was on the thinner side but had a slight crisp to it. It wasn’t too thin though and luckily, it wasn’t soggy! Sogginess is a problem that no one wants to deal with when they eat a thin crusted pizza. I enjoyed the light combination of toppings on my pizza. I wish that there was more applewood bacon though. The ratio of bacon to arugula was not even! My friend decided to create his own pizza with grilled chicken and other toppings (I honestly don’t remember, whoops). He thought the pizza was delicious and filling. 
For dessert, only one option was available. The s’more pie is created daily and has the option of being warmed up when you ordered it. I highly recommend this option because when you’re eating it, the chocolate is literally melting all over your hands and it’s so DELICIOUS. It tastes like a legit s’more from a firepit since the marshmallow is soft and oozy as well. Although the s’more pie was a smaller serving, that just means you need to order two! 
So how does Blaze Pizza compare to Love Pizza? They are both equally delicious, in their own ways. Both places use completely different crusts (thin vs slightly thick). The creations are different as well but I’d say that Love Pizza has a wider range to choose from when it comes to toppings. Blaze Pizza certainly goes out of their way to provide friendly service though. Pizza lovers will enjoy Blaze Pizza for sure! 
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Address: 15709 39 Street