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The People’s Perogy

When I heard that Edmonton was getting a new perogy restaurant, I was SOOO stoked. If you don’t know me, let me tell you.. perogies are one of my absolute favorite foods. I have yet to find a perogy place in the city that I like, until now that is. After being tempted with photos on their Facebook for the past month, The People’s Perogy just opened last week. I’ve already gone twice since then so I’ll be discussing both trips. It’s located in the northside industrial area. The restaurant is a small modern eatery with an “order, pay, and eat” type of concept. It’s a family run business consisting of son and mom. Everything is freshly made from scratch and trust me, you can taste the freshness with each bite. I’d say that it’s a bit of a fusion perogy restaurant because they have do have some unique offerings. The menu is kept pretty simple, there are classic perogies (served boiled or pan fried) and deep fried perogies. Traditional sides are offered such as cabbage roll, sausage, and borscht. They also make dessert perogies as well! 

Classic Perogies $6 (6 pcs)
There are six flavours of classic perogies. During both of my trips, I ordered the loaded potato perogies, pan fried. They’re stuffed with a mixture of potato, bacon, and chives. AMAZING. On my first trip, I went with 4 other people. 3 out of the 4 ordered these babies and loved it! My second trip, I learnt that you could mix the different flavors of classic perogies. I had 3 loaded potato and 3 of the braised beef. The slow cooked beer braised beef wasn’t available on their opening day so I was excited to try them. Although the beef was tender, I felt that just a bit of seasoning would’ve added some flavour to the perogies. All of their classic perogies are accompanied by a heartful amount onions, bacon, and sour cream.
Classic Perogies $6 (6 pcs)
You can’t go wrong with your traditional potato & cheddar perogies. Delicious! I also tried a potato cream cheese perogy my first trip. It was certainly different. It’s stuffed with potato and cream cheese but the cream cheese wasn’t too overpowering. Classic perogies can be ordered in combos as well. You have a choice of a cabbage roll, sausage, soup or salad, all with a fountain pop. Their sausage is currently made a day or two in advance by a local Polish deli. In the near future though, they are planning to make and smoke their own sausage in house. 
Deep Fried Perogies $6 (4 pcs)
On my second trip I got the chance to try out the deep fried perogies! I had the buffalo chicken ones which are served with blue cheese sour cream. The perogies are stuffed with shredded buffalo chicken then deep fried and lightly covered in a buffalo sauce. I’m excited to try out the pulled pork ones soon and see if they’re even tastier! 

Apple Pie-rogy $4 (3 pcs)
Apple pie in a perogy form?! Seriously UNREAL. These deep fried apple cinammon perogies are covered in a sweet cinammon sauce then slightly drizzled with caramel sauce. If you don’t want something deep fried for dessert, there are strawberry and blueberry perogies, both served boil. They’re made fresh to order and served in sweet cream. I tried the strawberry ones. Not too big of a fan of the sweet cream. I thought it was kinda runny and soaked up the strawberry perogies a bit too much. Always room for improvement though! I’d say that the apple pie-rogies are certainly more outstanding. 
Look at that *drools*
Currently, The People’s Perogy is more focused on lunch and early dinner as they are surrounded by many workplaces. They’re closed Sundays. The food was delicious and I recommend stopping by ASAP for sure! It’s definitely nice to see local restaurants that support local vendors (they try to avoid purchasing from big chain food distributors). I can’t wait to be back, it’s the type of atmosphere where I’ll feel comfortable eating by myself or with friends. 
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Address: 13645 149 Street