Edmonton, Southside

Quickly ( aka JusFruit)

Another addition to the multiple bubble tea places around the city is Quickly! Quickly is actually a worldwide chain with more than 2000 locations on the world. Honestly I had never even heard of them till they were opening in southside Edmonton. Their menu is quite extensive, they offer a variety of bubble tea, food, and dessert options. You can finally have a real meal at a bubble tea joint! My friend and I came here last Friday night. The place was very busy as we had to line up for around 20 minutes. The line up seemed to go very slow even though there were so many workers. It took about another 15 minutes to get our food and drinks. The service appeared unorganized because the workers would walk around the place shouting your name when your food was ready. Kind of amusing watching workers approach at least 3 different tables till they found the right person.
Edit: Quickly has changed their name to JusFruit as of summer 2017. 
Bubble Tea
I ordered the feature slush mix with lychee and passionfruit ($5.95). All of their bubble teas come with 1 free topping. It was nice that this offer included many toppings that would be charged at other places like different flavored jellies (green tea, rainbow, lychee, green apple) and popping pearls (mango, lychee, yogurt). I enjoyed my bubble tea because it was different from other places! It was very refreshing and tasty. It was obvious in the taste that they used fruit powder mixes though. My friend had the sesame milk tea ($5.25). He said it tasted the same as other places. Some of their bubble teas come in two sizes, regular and large.


Thai Milk Tea Ice Flakes
VERY disappointed in this. I was super excited to try this because I love Thai iced tea (not sure why they refer to it as Thai milk tea here.. pretty sure it’s the same thing). But anyways, from my first bite I barely tasted anything. There was no flavour. All I tasted was melted ice. It took me a few more bites to taste a very SUBTLE flavor that barely tasted like Thai iced tea. The ice flakes also melted very “quickly” (lol get it??) so you’ll have to eat this super fast. I wanted to try the Japanese matcha ice flakes as well prior to ordering this. Now, I won’t even bother because I don’t want to eat anymore tasteless ice flakes! On a side note, this is offered in 2 sizes: for one ($6.95) and for two ($10.95). We ordered the bigger size.
Taro Fries $6.95
My cousin actually recommended these to me. Before I came to Quickly, I asked around a lot for recommendations because of how “hit or miss” my friends experiences seemed. The taro fries are more on the savoury side, not a dessert item. The fries consist of taro being deep fried to a very crispy touch. Loads of savoury flavouring are added on top. The fries were certainly different but they weren’t bad. I might order them again to munch on if I wanted to share snacks with a few friends.
I’m not sure if I would return to Quickly. Everything appeared to be a hit or miss and the service was definitely a let down. I’d rather go elsewhere with consistent food and service. If I was around Southgate though and really craving bubble tea, I might stop by..
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Address: 5818 111 Street