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Seoul Fried Chicken

“Everyone loves fried chicken!”
I guess that’s why they’re always sold out. After a few times of attempting to come here, I FINALLY got to try Seoul Fried Chicken! Well… it was definitely worth the frustration and wait. Korean fried chicken has really blown up these couple of years, from Wing Chicx to It’ Dog to Coco with its recently opened second location in the northside. Seoul Fried Chicken has taken over Lee House’s old location near Whyte Ave. It’s actually owned by the son of the owner, Jake Lee. The inside has been completely revamped with less seating area to accommodate for a larger kitchen. The interior is hip and kinda rustic, with resemblance to a “street side eatery” vibe you’d probably find in Seoul! 
The menu is kept quite simple: a variety of Korean fried chicken choices, a few salads/sides, and dessert. The awesome thing that I like about SFC is that there’s an individual portion and there are sharing portions. For $11, you get 5 pieces of chicken, half a salad, fries or corn fritters, and a canned pop. What a steal of a deal! Seriously. Beer lovers can order 5 pieces + domestic beer for $12.25. For those who want to share and try different types of chickens among friends, there’s a choice of half orders (10 pc) and whole orders (20 pc). Half orders are around $13-$14.50 while whole orders are $23-$27. Not bad at all. There are 7 types of chicken to choose from: SFC OG, SFC BBQ, Onion Lover, Garlic Soy, Cilantro Lime, GP Cheese, and Golden Kari. It’s a nice mix of dry and saucy chickens to cater to different tastes. Sides include corn fritter, house fries, salads (kale caesar, mac n cheese pesto, sesame potato slaw), kimchi, and pickled radish. For dessert, there’s a black bean brownie, vanilla coconut chia pudding, and walnut cake pops. 

5 PC Chicken Set $11
My friend and I each ordered our own individual boxes, which I have to mention are so cute and hip – all stamped with SFC’s own logo! For myself, I settled on trying the garlic soy fried chicken with mac n cheese pesto and fries on the side. It was love at first bite. This was seriously the best Korean fried chicken I’ve ever tasted in my life! The chicken was moist and juicy, with the perfect amount of crisp on the outside. It wasn’t greasy at all. The soy glazing added a lot of flavour to the chicken. Maybe too much? The only downside was that on my 5th piece I felt that I was getting overpowered by the soy! But better to have too much flavour than too little in this case. The mac n cheese pesto salad is served cold. It tasted freshly made, just like everything else I tried. The house fries provided a nice side intake of carbs (yay for carbs!).

5 PC Chicken Set $11
My friend had the cilantro lime fried chicken with sesame potato slaw and corn fritters. It was his second trip here. He noted that the portions for this trip appeared to be smaller than the first. Particularly, the sizes of the chicken and corn fritters seemed to decrease. Anyways, the cilantro lime fried chicken was served dry with a side of chimichurri. The chicken was topped with a good amount of cilantro and had hints of lime within each bite. The chimichurri was tangy and gave the fried chicken a unique flavour. For his salad, the sesame potato slaw was a refreshing addition to the heavy meal. The corn fritters were delicious! The batter was deep fried and served with condensed milk. Mmmm!! 
So do I recommend this place? Yes, yes, AND YES! Tip: if you’re planning to come around a busy time, call ahead and pre-order your meal. It’ll be guaranteed and you also don’t have to wait for it to be made! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try the dessert cause the walnut cake pops sold out but I know what I’ll be ordering on my next visit there.

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