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CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

The world’s largest bubble tea chain has arrived in Edmonton!

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, which originated from Taiwan, has opened in Edmonton last week. They’re currently having an ongoing soft opening at the moment which means that only their top 10 drinks and milk tea selection are available. Their full menu should be ready by next week for their grand opening. The bubble tea franchise has opened up downtown in the Capital Centre Building, where The Pint and (soon to be) Hudson’s are located. 
We got lucky and beat the line-up!

The place itself is a little small and it can get super crowded. I can already tell Dream Tea and nearby bubble tea shops will have some competition! My friends and I came on a Friday evening and it got filled with people very quickly. Seems like a lot of people may already be familiar with CoCo since there are more than 2000 locations worldwide!
CoCo only serves drinks which makes the wait and service fairly quick. It reminded me of an Asian Starbucks for some reason. All their drinks come in 2 sizes, regular and large. The pricing is quite average when compared to other bubble tea shops in Edmonton. The one thing that stood out for me was that you could control the amount of sugar and ice in your drink. Majority of their drinks can also be turned into hot drinks as well. Variety wise, CoCo has a lot of milk tea flavours while still offering other selections (fresh tea, fruit tea, yakult, chocolate, slush/smoothie, fresh milk, and salty cream). Sadly, there aren’t milk options for all you lactose-intolerant bbt drinkers. Sad face. Guess we’ll just have to stick to the fruit and milk-free options!

(L-R: Black Tea Latte, Bubble Gaga $5.70, 3 Guys, Red Bean Matcha Latte)
Black Tea Latte $5.50: my friend had this drink which I thought was just something average. He got half the sugar so the sweetness tasted very light. Overall, the taste of the drink was mild.
Bubble Gaga $5.70: on both of my recent trips here, I got the same drink. It’s passion fruit tea with coconut jelly and tapioca. The tapioca is fresh and chewy. The fruit flavour in the drink really came through compared to other places I’ve tried it at. My new fave bubble tea!
3 Guys $6.25: I can see why this drink is one of their most popular ones. It’s milk tea with grass jelly, pudding, and tapioca. Almost like a dessert and drink in one, if that makes sense. 
Red Bean Matcha Latte $5.50 (reg size): I’ve actually had something similar to this when I was in Thailand but it was a green tea frappucino with red bean from Starbucks. The drink at CoCo is way better when compared to that though!
CoCo is going to get popular verrrrrrry quickly. Stop by and see for yourself what I mean! You’ll enjoy it, I swear.
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Address: 10149 – 109 Street