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Rogue Wave Coffee Co. (Closed)

I’ll admit, I’m not a big coffee connoisseur. Actually, I don’t like coffee at all. I still go to coffee shops though, but more so for the vibes and tea lattes. The latest #yegcoffee place I ventured to was Rogue Wave Coffee Co. It existed in a place that I didn’t know food places existed! The inside is tiny, trust me when I say tiny.. there’s 2 tables in the whole place, 1 overlooking the window and 1 rectangular one for about 4 people. It’s definitely quiet though, perfect for studying. For coffee fans, you’ll be delighted to hear that the coffee is freshly roasted and brewed. I wish I liked coffee more so that I could’ve tried that instead. 
Tea lattes weren’t surprisingly on the menu. One of the guys told me he could make me a chai latte though so that’s what I went with. My cousin had the same thing as well. For $4, we each had our own lattes. Well, I can see why they aren’t on the menu. I’m sure the coffee is great but tea lattes might not be their calling, maybe in the future with more practice. All I could taste was hot water with barely hints of chai. My cousin and I were disappointed as we wanted to enjoy such a unique little space. I’m very sure that I will find a better chai latte and service elsewhere though. I feel like the service was lacking and not so friendly because my cousin and I weren’t the biggest coffee lovers. But who knows right?
It’s great that Edmonton’s coffee scene is continuously growing though. If you’re an avid coffee fan, maybe stop by Rogue and let me know how that goes for you. 
Where will my love for chai take me next?
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Address: 10517 A 114th Street