Edmonton, Northside


I’ve been to the Fatburger location in Namao centre many times. It’s in the northside on 97 street which is close to home so I usually come here out of convenience for their burgers and milkshakes. Their menu consists of burgers, chicken sandwiches/fingers, salads, and fries. They also serve alcoholic drinks, the best milkshakes ever, and mini donuts. Unfortunately, they had run of out mini donuts on my most recent visit so I couldn’t try them. The interior is nicer than your average burger joint but the seats are a bit run down. I do consider Fatburger fast food but I find that their prices are a little higher than your regular burger place.

Oreo Milkshake $4.79

My favorite place for milkshakes. Side story: I went to Gordon Ramsey’s BurGr restaurant in Vegas last summer and ordered a milkshake that wasn’t even comparable to Fatburger’s. Seriously. I always order the oreo flavour here but there are 9 different flavours in total. Their milkshakes are made with real scooped ice cream and topped with the right amount of whipped cream. They don’t skimp on the sizing either. It’s super filling. 
Chicken Tender Combo $12.99

I’ve always gotten a burger but this time I decided to try their chicken tenders. The combo comes with 4 pieces of chicken, fries, dipping sauce, and a drink. For the drink I substituted the pop for a milkshake and surprisingly didn’t have to pay extra! It came out to be a good deal but I wouldn’t ever order the chicken tenders again. The tenders had a lot of batter and were very crispy on the outside. The inside was moist with grease…? There was really no flavour to them otherwise, even with the dipping sauce. The fries were bland and dry. It needed either salt or seasoning to give it taste. After the first few bites, I wished I had ordered a burger instead. 
The Original Fatburger $6.99

My friend got the original fatburger, which is what I usually get. It’s their second smallest burger size and comes loaded with toppings. There are six fatburger sizes in total. Are the burgers even fat? Hm not really. The original fatburger uses a 6 oz AAA angus beef patty. Fresh and juicy. Thumbs up!
So moral of the story: go to Fatburger for a burger and milkshake and don’t try anything new. 

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Address: 15987 97 Street