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Thai Valley Grill

My new go-to place for Thai food is Thai Valley Grill. It’s a hidden gem in the southside, just right off of Whitemud Drive in a little strip mall area (5 minutes from Southgate Mall). Why are all the good places in the southside?! I’ve been to Thailand three times so I can definitely say that this place is the closest to authentic Thai food in Edmonton! 
The family-owned restaurant is small and cozy, with touches of Asian inspired accents for the decor and interior. The service is friendly and efficient! Their menu has a variety of Thai traditional dishes with a special lunch menu, as well. Portion sizes are huge so I definitely recommend coming here with a group of people to share the delicious food.  Their prices are decent and comparable to other Thai restaurants.

Thai Iced Tea $3.75
Every time I go to a Thai place, I HAVE to order a Thai iced tea! It’s one of my all-time favorite drinks. If you haven’t tried Thai iced tea before, it’s a mixture of sugar, cream, condensed milk, and Thai tea mix. At Thai Valley Grill, their Thai iced tea isn’t too sweet or milky. You’ll probably end up finishing it before your meal comes if you order it.

Crab Rangoon (6 pieces) $9.95
Cream cheese and crab wontons (insert heart eyes emoji)!! These are my favorite things to order here. The wontons are huge and stuffed with cream cheese and crab meat. The size of each wonton is double the size of other restaurants. They’re freshly made and come to your table steaming hot. This dish is meant for sharing but the second time I came here, I ordered it all to myself (oops). 

Thai Valley Shrimp Peaches $16.95
I surprisingly found peaches and shrimp on their menu. I thought that only Chinese restaurants in Edmonton served it but guess not! The first time I ordered this, I found the shrimp to not be crispy enough for my liking. The second time I came though, the owner had changed up the dish a bit. The shrimp was crispier while the sauce wasn’t too rich or creamy. The dish is served with big slices of peaches in a mayo-like sauce. It’s a good appetizer size for sharing. 

Geang Karee (Yellow Curry) with chicken $17.95
I honestly didn’t like curry because of a bad experience years ago. I haven’t had it in probably 8 years but my friends wanted to order it cause they love Thai curry. The waiter told me that this was the lightest curry they served when it was brought out so I decided to give it a try. It was the yellow Thai curry which is made of potatoes and carrots, infused in coconut cream. You have the option of tofu, chicken, beef, or shrimp. Ours had chicken in it. The curry was pretty light and not spicy at all. It went perfectly with coconut rice. I enjoyed it and might’ve turned into a fan of curry after that meal!

Pad Thai with chicken $16.95
The traditional Pad Thai. You really can’t go wrong with this dish. The stir fried noodles were tossed in a savoury sauce with egg, tofu, bean sprouts, and scallion. We had ours served with big chunks of tender chicken. 

Galanga Cashew Chicken $17.95 x Basil Beef $17.95
Both of these meat dishes were good for eating with coconut rice. They were fair portion sizes and didn’t skimp out on the meat. The cashew chicken dish is one of their specials while the basil beef is a Thai stir fry.

Kluay Tod $5.95
Crispy pieces of fried banana topped with whipped cream. A sweet ending to a filling meal! 
I definitely recommend checking out this hidden gem especially if you love Thai food. It’s worth the drive down to the south side and I’ll be consistently back for sure!
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Address: #149, 4211 106 Street