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Sicilian Pasta Kitchen

Slowly catching up on all my food blogging posts… Hopefully I’ll be all caught up before I go to Calgary next month so that I can write a bunch of YYC posts when I’m back. Back in May, I went to Sicilian Pasta Kitchen (SPK) on Jasper Ave for dinner. I had been craving pasta that week and decided to try out this place again. I’d gone here once before two summers ago but didn’t really enjoy it. Some of my friends really like this place though so I gave it a second chance. After all, it could’ve been just the pasta I ordered the first time. Well, good thing I went again because I ended up finding it delicious!
SPK is more of a modern fine dining restaurant. They have another location on the southside as well. The interior is very nice with these big glass bulbs for lighting. Just like its name, pasta takes up most of their menu. They also serve other southern Italian dishes, such as pizza, salads, and main entrees (lamb, veal, rib eye steak, chicken, salmon, and beef tenderloin). Most of the pasta is decently priced considering the quality of it and the big portion of it. 
Pasta Pane (top) x Piatto Assortito (bottom)


Arancini (3 pieces) $10.95
To start the meal off, my friend and I shared an order of arancini. Arancini are breaded, stuffed balls filled with risotto and parmesan cheese. I remember the first time that I had tried them at a different place, it was love at first bite. They’re one of my favorite Italian foods. At SPK, the size of each arancini ball is quite big. We each had one then split the third. The tomato sauce that accompanied it wasn’t too tangy and was just right. I would definitely recommend trying this out.
Piatto Assortito $22.95
I was really indecisive between two pastas so our waitress suggested that I do the combination plate. This means that I can pick out any two pastas for the price of $22.95, but I would get half the size of each pasta of course. I chose the gnocchi and tagliatelle bolognese. I wasn’t a fan of the gnocchi. Gnocchi are traditional potato dumplings. SPK uses a tomato cream sauce for the gnocchi then garnishes it with grana padono, a popular Italian cheese. The sauce for the gnocchi was too bland. It  needed more flavouring and the gnocchi itself wasn’t tender or fluffy enough. On the other hand, I really liked the tagliatelle bolognese pasta. The veal bolognese sauce was creamy and well seasoned. It was garnished with ricotta cheese. I wouldn’t mind returning here to order the tagliatelle bolognese pasta again. Individually, the gnocchi is $18.95 and the tagliatelle bolognese is $19.95.
Pasta Pane $19.95

My friend had the pasta pane which had spicy crumbled Italian sausage, toasted bread crumbs, garlic, olive oil, and parsley. He wished that he had ordered a different dish with a tomato based sauce. I tried the dish myself and thought that it was decent, nothing special and a bit over priced. The pastas here appear to be a hit or miss.

For dessert, we shared a tiramisu. Our waitress recommended this from the dessert menu because she said it was their most famous dessert. Well, I can totally see why. The sizing of it was HUGE. The tiramisu was made of the creamiest marscapone custard and whipped cream I had ever tasted. The coffee soaked lady fingers were moist and full of flavor. It was topped of with a couple of shaved chocolate pieces. Soooooo darn good. 

If you’re in the mood for some authentic Italian pasta or even just tiramisu, I recommend stopping by SPK! Reservations might be needed on a weekend night though.

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Address: 11239 Jasper Ave