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Scoop n Roll

Ice cream.. rolls.. ?!?! That’s right.

If you have me on Snapchat, you probably would’ve seen my story spam about Scoop n Roll yesterday. I discovered this little food truck last week and knew I had to go check them out ASAP. Andrew, the super nice owner, is the mastermind for bringing this ice cream concept “made right before your eyes”. It originated from Thailand and is the only one found in Canada! Us Yeggers are lucky people. 
Where is Scoop n Roll located? 
In a food truck/concession trailer found in front of Canadian Tire on 97 street and 162 ave. Another northside treasure! It isn’t operated everyday so you can keep track of them through the Edmonton Street Food app or their Facebook (link here).

Second visit: green tea ice cream with rainbow sprinkles x chocolate chips

The ice cream at Scoop n Roll is freshly made. Customers are able to choose a flavor and 2 free mix ins for $5. It’s either served in a cup or waffle cone, and the ice cream is served in rolls or scoops. Who wouldn’t want it in rolls though? I swear it was funner to eat. The ice cream is a fair portion size as well. The owner wants to keep it simple with regular milk for the ice cream but I’m hoping soy milk will be an option one day for all those with lactose intolerance!

EDIT: pricing has been raised to $6. Gotta make that profit. 😉


I wish I had saved my Snapchat story since I recorded it step by step. You’ll have to make do with my attempt at explaining until you see it yourself. The first step is mixing milk with whatever ice cream flavour you choose. The mixture is poured onto a cold -13 surface where it’s spread. After, it’s mixed and spread on the surface with the chosen mix ins a few times. The final step is the ice cream being rolled into rolls with a metal spatula-looking thing. Then you have the unique ice cream, created in under 5 minutes.
Just look for this sign in the parking lot of Canadian Tire

Scoop n Roll is one of the newer food trucks in Edmonton’s food scene this summer. I’m sure they will be busy with line-ups soon cause who doesn’t love ice cream! It”s worth the drive down to the northside as well, especially in this hot weather.

Instagram: @scoopnroll (link here)
Twitter: @scoop_roll (link here)

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Address: 9603 162 Ave

Disclosure: Andrew, the owner, was kind enough to provide the ice cream complimentary. A review was not expected. It is 100% unbiased and based on my own sincere opinion.