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It’ All (Closed)

So what’s the deal with It’ All?

It’s Edmonton’s newest Japanese & Korean BBQ AYCE restaurant. It’ All is owned by the same Korean owners as It’ Dog (Whyte Ave) and It’ Sushi (Spruce Grove). Are they called the It’ group or something? The new restaurant took over the space of Won Jung Gak in Chinatown, giving it somewhat of a facelift. Service was a bit slow a first but after orders were taken for the hot food, it didn’t take long to come out.

For the dinner price of $36.99 per person, it includes: appetizers, Korean BBQ (yum!!), the Korean buffet, Japanese tempura/sashimi/sushi, and dessert. Before you tell yourself that this is overpriced – I will tell you one thing. IT’S SO WORTH IT. Come on an empty stomach and you will see what I mean. Seriously, starve yourself that day (jk).

There is also a lunch buffet option for $19.99 + tax. The only downside is that Korean BBQ is not included, but everything else. 
Hot buffet

 Hot buffet

The buffet has 2 sides: cold and hot. The cold buffet mainly has traditional Korean eats that you would find as side dishes at a Korean restaurant. It includes items such as kimchi and other vegetables. The hot buffet has small appetizers and such to accompany the Korean BBQ, and KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN <3. I’ll go into detail about the KFC in a bit. Some food that the hot buffet has are bulgogi, mini green onion cakes, glass noodles, and Korean egg rolls.

My personal favourites from the hot buffet were the garlic potatoes and KFC (Korean fried chicken) of course! I swear, KFC is a must-eat in every Korean meal now. The KFC was crispy on the outside while tender and juicy on the inside. There was a choice of spicy or soy garlic KFC. I had both and didn’t find the spicy to be .. spicy. And this is coming from me, who is scared at the tiniest bit of spice. And the garlic potatoes? They were small chunks of potatoes in a mildly garlic sauce. Super addicting.

For all you sashimi fans, there’s a limit of 20 pieces per person at dinner and 5 at lunch. Yeah, it’s better to go at dinner. I tried the salmon sashimi and found that the taste was fresh. It was cut thinner than other Japanese places though.

Samgyetang – the seasonal option on their hot menu. It was a ginseng based soup with chicken. The soup was a nice addition to the meal and probably helped with digestion lol. 

Okay so now we are finally getting to the best part of the dinner… Korean BBQ!!! We had the dduck galbi (top), boneless short rib (middle), and sirloin steak teriyaki (bottom). The other choices we did not order were pork belly and grilled mackarel. The dduck galbi were Korean style patties, similar to hamburger patties, made with minced meat taken from ribs. The boneless short ribs were sooooo darn good!!!! That’s where I got most of my money’s worth from tbh. The ribs were super juicy and filled me right up when I ate it with rice. Lastly, the sirloin steak teriyaki probably wouldn’t be ordered again. I found the steak to be too dry and it wasn’t anything special.

The deep fried items I had ordered from the menu were takoyaki, korokke, deep fried squid, and gyoza (not pictured). All Japanese snacks/appetizers. The takoyaki came in two medium sized pieces. These deep fried balls are filled with minced octopus and made with a wheat-flour based batter. It’s garnished with a creamy mayo-like takoyaki sauce. My thoughts on the takoyaki here? Too much batter, too little filling. But hey if you’ve never tried it, it’s worth a try here cause it’s included in the price! The korokke is similar to a French croquette. It’s a deep fried patty filled with potatoes. Interesting. For the deep fried squid, I wish it was covered in more batter. The pan-fried gyoza was decent and nothing special.

The dessert choices were a freezer case of Korean popsicles, unlimited mochi, and chestnut pastries. It was fun picking out what kind of popsicle to eat! I’ll admit that I stole one of the chestnut pastries in my bag to eat the next day cause it was already in a small package. I enjoyed it the next day heh.

So should you go to It’ All? The answer is YES. Especially if you can eat your money’s worth. It may seem like a lot but once you’re finished your meal, you’ll see why I said it was worth the price, Two thumbs up for It’ All!!

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Address: 10023 107 Ave