Edmonton, Whyte Ave


I only go to Teapsy for one reason: the dessert waffle. 

Teapsy is a bubble tea cafe located on Whyte Ave. Like the usual places, it has a couple of games for friends to play while drinking some bubble tea. The place itself is quite small and they have some odd decor on one side of the wall of miniature people and buildings… Teapsy also serves food such as dim sum items, egg waffles, and shaved ice.

The dessert waffle is actually heaven here. Yes, it’s as good as it looks. I think it may replace my yam fry addiction that has existed for the past 3 months, sorry Dream Tea. Anyways, the waffle is soft and fluffy. It’s topped with tons of strawberries, matcha ice cream whipped cream, a touch of powdered sugar, then drizzled in chocolate sauce. Oh, and there are also chocolate and strawberry Pocky sticks to “garnish”. How cute. It probably sounds overly sweet but it’s perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth aka me. I had to share it with my friend when I was went but next time, I’m ordering one all to myself. This is honestly the only thing I recommend from Teapsy though. 

The bubble tea at Teapsy is mediocre at most. I had the lychee green tea for myself and I found that it wasn’t sweet as I had expected it to be. The green tea that they used wasn’t strong either so overall, my bubble tea lacked taste. My friend ordered a blended taro bubble tea which was topped with whipped cream and a scoop of matcha ice cream. I tried a bit of hers and it needed more taro flavour as well. The bubble teas are sold in simple Teapsy cups, which I liked about it. 

My friend and I shared an order of fries as well since we wanted something savoury. Even though we were the only ones in the whole place, these fries took 20 minutes to come out. These crinkle cut fries had a lot of seasoning on it, almost too much. The seasoning was overpowering on some fries but they came to our table steaming hot.
Go to Teapsy for the dessert waffle and nothing else. You will not regret it.

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Address: 9959 82 Avenue