Brunch Time, Edmonton, Whyte Ave

Under the High Wheel

Under The High Wheel is a cute and hipster eatery tucked off Whyte Ave. It shares the same space as Da Capo Cafe because you can order coffee from there and vice versa. They are well known for their brunch but dinner is also served, with items being similar to lunch offerings. Under The High Wheel is all about using fresh, local, and organic ingredients. Eating local is always a good choice. The food here does take a bit longer to make (it’s noted on their little menus) but it ensures that your food will be fresh and hot!


Chai latte

The chai latte ($5), made by Da Capo Cafe, was a decent size with a perfect amount of foam on it. It wasn’t spicy but was more of a lighter chai which was a great for lunch.
For myself, I ordered the traditional breakfast ($14) which was composed of two eggs, a few slices of toast, roasted potatoes, two cranberry maple sausages, and a small serving of fresh fruit. I chose to have my eggs scrambled and I liked how they’re scrambled with cheese here to add some flavour to it. The sausages were deliciously cooked with a hint of sweetness and the roasted potatoes were seasoned well, The serving size was plentiful and filled me up for sure!
My friend ordered the bangers n mash ($17) which was two cranberry maple sausages, mashed potatoes, gravy, and two fried eggs. I tried a bit of the mashed potatoes which were super fluffy! The gravy brought everything together by giving it a savoury taste.
Under the High Wheel is a good place to stop by for some comfort food that is locally sourced and organic. I wouldn’t go out of my way to come here though because of the wait time (around 30 minutes) since I’m a rather impatient person!

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Address: 8135 102 Street