Edmonton, Westside

TW’s BBQ Smoke House

Last month, I was going to the UPS post office in the westside industrial area when I noticed TW’s BBQ Smoke House. What caught my eye? The word “BBQ” of course! I knew I would have to do some research and check out the place one day… 
Fast forward to a week later, my friends and I were pretty hungry after a workout and needed some meat for our GAINS! So we decided to go to TW’s BBQ Smoke House using Uber, which is super reliable btw, since no one wanted to drive from school. TW’s specializes in Texas BBQ which I’ve wanted to try for years, ever since I had first heard of it from watching The Real Housewives of The OC (don’t judge me). TW’s makes all their sauces and seasonings in house to guarantee authenticity and their menu is loaded with meat options. Brisket, chicken, pulled pork, ribs, steak, smokies … yup all the meaty goodness can be ordered here! Along with that, they also offer sandwiches, poutine, corn fritters, and sauteed prawns just to name a few of their starters. I found the service to be a bit lacking though, seating and food wise since it wasn’t that busy but they only had one server running the small restaurant. Our food took around half an hour to come out on a weekday evening.
Food for four hungry students

The four of us decided to order a combination of plates and share everything so that we could have a taste of each. 
The pulled pork sandwich ($14.25) was one of the six sandwiches offered at TW’s. It was served with one side so we decided on fries, a simple compliment for any sandwich. Personally, the pulled pork was my favorite of the night. The pork was thinly sliced but still juicy and flavorful from the sauce. The sauce that we chose for the pulled pork sandwich was signature hickory mesquite. TW’s offers 3 other sauces that are freshly made: cranberry orange chipotle BBQ sauce, hickory apple smoked BBQ sauce, and smoked BBQ sauce. The fries that accompanied the sandwich were deep fried to a light touch so that weren’t too soft or crispy.

We also ordered a plate of brisket ($18.25) to share. All the entrees come with a BBQ sauce and 2 sides so for the brisket, we decided on a grilled garlic prawn skewer and mac & cheese as the sides. Our waitress told us that the five cheese mac & cheese was one of their most popular sides and I can see why. It was creamy and you could tell that it used a combination of different cheeses. The mac & cheese was also slightly baked on top to acquire a bit of a crisp to it. I wish the mac & cheese hadn’t been so small because it was delicious! The grilled prawn skewer was nothing special but shrimp is shrimp I guess. And how was the brisket? We ordered it with cranberry orange chipotle BBQ sauce but sadly that didn’t outdo the dryness of the brisket. Even with the sauce, the brisket still lacked the flavour that it needed.

Our third meat plate of the night was a rack of ribs ($29.25), with a Caesar salad and kettle chips on the side. The portion of the ribs was actually small and would probably fill up two people at most, not shared amongst four hungry people. The ribs were topped with hickory apple BBQ sauce which was very smokey in flavour. They were a bit dry as well but the sauce managed to keep it flavourful. The kettle chips were recommended by the waitress since we wanted to order corn bread as a side but they had run out. *sad face* The chips were similar to potato chips but not as salty. We ordered the salad in an attempt to be “healthy” which didn’t really work out… 
Overall, TW’s BBQ Smoke House is worth checking out if you happen to be in that area. It’s one of Edmonton’s hidden BBQ smoke houses and everything tasted freshly made! We were too full for dessert but they offer 3 dessert options: apple turnover crumble, creme brulee, and deep fried cheesecake.

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Address: 15217 111 Ave