Edmonton, Jasper Ave

Lock Stock Coffee

One of the most recent additions to Edmonton’s ever growing coffee scene is Lock Stock Coffee. I’m super thankful that I live in a city with such a great coffee scene! So many places to choose from for my chai latte addiction now. 
Lock Stock Coffee is located downstairs from the main street of Jasper Ave, in the same vicinity as Red Star Pub. If you’re wondering why a coffeeshop would be located inside a pub, it’s because they’re both owned by Jesse Gado. Lock Stock Coffee has more of a darker, modern interior with a rustic feel. I find it to be super cozy and inviting though! It’s a place that makes you feel kind of hidden from the world once you’re inside it, kinda like a little coffee getaway. Also, since it’s only a 10 minute walk from Macewan University, it’s a great location for students to study at as well. 

Look for it’s small logo underneath the stairs

It’s hours are a bit off: 8 am to 3 pm on weekdays and closed on the weekend. Hopefully they’ll consider opening more, later on.
At the moment, Lock Stock Coffee only offers baked goods but once they’re more settled in, they will begin to sell lunch items such as sandwiches. All of their food is made fresh and in-house in the kitchen of Red Star by Jesse.
I ordered myself a savoury muffin and a cup of hot tea (thanks for throwing in the almond brown butter cake guys!). No chai latte for me this visit because I was super bloated from dim sum earlier that day. The deconstructed savoury muffin is composed of bacon, scallions, and cheddar. Don’t worry, yours probably won’t be deconstructed like mine cause it fell apart from switching it onto a plate after putting it in a bag. The muffin was soft, chewy, and full of deliciousness! Perfect to grab as breakfast when you’re running somewhere or as a little coffee snack. The almond brown butter cake was smaller in size and wasn’t too sweet but still buttery.

My cousin ordered a chai latte. It was filled with tons of foam, which might be one of the best parts of a tea latte. The chai itself wasn’t strong or spicy which is suitable for beginner chai lattes or those who like their chai more subtle!

It was also my first time getting a #yegwords coffee sleeve. Thank you Lock Stock for being one of the local cafes to offer this unique and cute concept! These coffee sleeves carry poems and stories written by local Edmontonians for coffee drinkers to read while drinking their coffee. 
Lock Stock Coffee is worth stopping by if you need to grab a quick muffin or drink, or if you’re on a cafe adventure like me. Glad to see that our coffee scene is getting some great places added to it!
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Address: 10534 Jasper Ave

Disclosure: Part of my meal had been complimentary from the guys at Lock Stock. A review was not expected. It is 100% unbiased and based on my own sincere opinion.