Brunch Time, Edmonton, Jasper Ave

De Dutch

Throwback to Frequency weekend a few weeks ago when I had the best recovery breakfast everrrr. After a night of raving for 6 hours, my friends and I decided to go to De Dutch the next morning. I’ve been here a few times before but for some reason it tasted extra delicious that day. 
De Dutch is a Dutch brunch restaurant on Jasper Ave that specializes in pancakes and breakfast food. It’s a Vancouver based chain that opened up their only Edmonton location a little over 2 years ago. They have a whole page on their menu dedicated to “pannekoeken” which is basically a huge Dutch pancake that comes with different toppings. They also have other breakfast items with a Dutch twist on it, and lunch items as well. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very bright and vibrant but it’s inviting and comfy at the same time. I feel like I could sit in there for hours and be fine with it. 
Noms for days

For myself, I ordered a Dutchman style breakfast platter. My platter came with “desausage + eggs”, along with its usual serving of toast, hash browns, and a garden or fruit salad (I chose the fruit). The sausage that De Dutch uses is thinly sliced into round shapes and was savoury. Their hashbrowns are diced into small cubes and were salted enough to avoid being bland. The egg wasn’t anything special but really, you can’t mess up on eggs. The fruit salad that it was served with was really fresh, especially the raspberries! Maybe it’s raspberry season…
One of my friends ordered the Canadian burger but substituted it for 2 chicken patties since it usually comes with 2 beef patties. If you’re suuuuper hungry or have a big appetite, definitely order this because it may not look huge but it’s really filling! The burger comes with Edam (cheese), Debakon, a dill pickle, mayo, and De Dutch’s special relish. On the side, my friend decided to get the kettle chips. The chips were similar to a softer version of potato chips and came with a creamy dipping sauce on the side similar to garlic aioli. 
My other friend had a Dutch benedict (eggs benedict) with smoked wild BC salmon. The options for eggs benny at De Dutch are endless. She enjoyed her eggs benny and had no problems with it. It was accompanied with hash and a fresh fruit salad. 

For dessert, we shared a strawberry chocolate & whip pannekoeken. My mouth is actually watering right now as I’m writing this. IT WAS SO GOOD!!! I highly recommend ordering this as a dessert or even as your main meal lol. So some of you might be wondering how you even eat this. Well, all you do is spread the whipped cream and strawberry sauce onto the pannekoken and then you can roll it up on your plate or eat it however you want. Just make sure that you get all the flavours at once when you taste it!

We also shared a cinnamon apple French toast cause one dessert is simply not enough. The French toast was nice and fluffy and topped with lots of powdered sugar. The apple pieces were fresh and sweet with a bit of cinnamon added to it.

Overall, I really enjoy going to De Dutch for breakfast or even just dessert. I don’t find it to be too overpriced for breakfast food and the service is friendly and quick. 
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Address: 10030 Jasper Ave