Las Vegas

Vegas Eats: Part 2

The YEG Foodie goes to Las Vegas: Part 2 (The Strip)

Out of the hundreds of restaurants located on the famous Las Vegas strip, this foodie only had the chance to try a few. Here are my favorite 3 that I recommend to anyone hitting up Vegas!

#1) Serendipity 3: Ever since I had heard about the existence of Serendipity 3 in New York and its famous frozen hot chocolate, I knew I had to try it. Well, I still haven’t been to New York. But then I found out that Vegas had a Serendipity 3 right on the Strip! It was extremely packed, even around 10 pm when we went. The wait wasn’t that long though (probably around 20 minutes). First thing I did was order myself a frozen Oreo hot chocolate and it was honestly the best drink I’ve ever had! It was sooooo good. I’m super sad that I’ll never be able to find anything in Canada like it. I could see why their frozen hot chocolates were so well-known and raved about! For food, we shared a house chili which was huge. Seriously, the portions at Serendipity 3 can serve 2-3 people when it’s probably intended for 1. The chili wasn’t presented as appetizing as it should’ve looked but it was delicious and full of flavor. We also shared garlic potatoes, which were too dry and needed some more salt, and an order of wagyu slider burgers. These little things were real winners! The wagyu was fresh and juicy. I can’t wait to go back here. 

Oreo Frrrrrrrozen Hot Chocolate

House Chili

Garlic Potatoes

Wagyu Sliders
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#2) BurGR: I’m sure you know who Gordon Ramsay is. Well, 2 years ago he opened BurGR inside Planet Hollywood hotel and it’s dedicated to making the best burgers you will ever taste in your life. For reals. The line-up was super long but well worth it. We waited for around 40 minutes and the food took around 12 minutes to come out. No complaints here though! The menu has 5 different milkshakes to choose from so I tried shake #4 which consisted of creme brulee pudding, oreo shake, and an oreo cookie. I thought it was kind of overpriced ($9) even though it was huge. It was decent but not as spectacular as it looks. The burgers are served by itself so fries have to be ordered on its own. We had truffle parmesan fries ($11) which were hand cut and sooo good. Omg. I decided to try the farm burger ($15) cause anything with fried egg is bound to taste good. The burger also had duck breast bacon and english sharp cheddar. In all honesty, IT WAS THE BEST BURGER I’VE HAD!! Well that should be expected cause it is Gordon Ramsay’s creation… But anyways the burger was so juicy and everything in it complimented each other perfectly. It was amazeballs. Altogether, it was decently priced (minus the milkshake). 

Shake #4

Truffle Parmesan Fries

Farm Burger

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#3) Earl of Sandwich: A true hidden gem, Earl of Sandwich is located somewhere in Planet Hollywood Hotel. It’s more of a fast food kinda place so the food is pretty quick. There’s a huge variety of sandwiches to choose from and everything is made fresh to order. It’s good for a quick bite or a lunch time serving! I had the pizza sandwich from the kids menu because I couldn’t find it on the regular size menu and I think I needed another 1 to fill me up. Prices are low as well and they’re open 24 hours! 

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