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Vegas Eats: Part 1

The YEG Foodie goes to Las Vegas: Part 1 (The Cosmopolitan)

I told myself that before the year ended, I would catch up on all my food blogging. Well after much procrastination, I’m finally writing about my Las Vegas trip from this past summer! I’m gonna be splitting it into 2 separate posts: part 1 will be dedicated to restaurants in The Cosmopolitan Hotel and part 2 will be other places located on The Strip. Why The Cosmopolitan? It’s my favorite hotel in Vegas and I highly recommend staying there! There are so many different types of restaurants within it and the best part? There’s a HUGE All Saints store. I think I spent about 3 hours in there in 5 days. Yes, I have a shopping problem. Maybe one day All Saints will come to Edmonton and my dream will finally come true. I’ve been to Vegas numerous times before but never really bothered to try any good places other than buffet restaurants. This time, I knew that I had to go on a food adventure in Vegas so half of my trip was spent eating while the other half was spent shopping! The next time that I go to Las Vegas will hopefully be for EDC though 😉
#1) Comme Ca: When we got to Vegas we were starving. I had no energy to walk blocks to the next hotel to find a place to eat so thankfully there was so many choices within my hotel! We decided to go to Comme Ca, which is a French bistro opened by Chef David Myers. I’ve never really had French cuisine before so it was interesting to see how Myers would serve it up. I recall that we came during mid-day which explains why the restaurant was empty at the time. There were complimentary breadsticks and butter to begin with, while we had a nice view of The Strip as well from the 3rd or 4th floor of the hotel. I ordered the Crispy Lemon Risotto ($25) which I found to be a bit overpriced considering its portion, and the item itself. It was accompanied by artichokes, wax beans, cilantro, and shaved parmesan. This would’ve been more suitable as a sharing item because after the first piece, I started wishing that there was some meat to it. A girl needs her protein! The pieces were fried nice and crispy though, without a touch of oil. The lemon flavouring was refreshing, and the item itself was more of a lighter fare. 


Breadsticks and whipped butter 

Crispy Lemon Risotto

You bet I will!
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#2) China Poblano: Noodles & tacos. That’s the motto. Chef Jose Andres, you are one clever man for opening a restaurant that combines Mexican and Chinese fushion cuisine. China Poblano is one of my favorite places to dine at whenever I’m in Vegas. They serve tapas and entrees, most of which can be shared. The vibe is super chill and relaxing, and the interior is really hip! I always get at least two of their tacos when I’m there. Their tacos are soft shelled and the combinations within aren’t overwhelming so you can taste the flavours individually. They’re probably my favorite tacos, after the ones from Tres Carnales of course. On the Chinese side of the menu, Chicken Ji Song and Twenty-Vegetable Fried Rice were what we ordered. Chicken Ji Song were lettuce wraps that had small piece of freshly breaded chicken glazed in a sweet chili sauce while topped with sweet potato pieces. The Twenty-Vegetable Fried Rice was literally its name – fried rice with a mountain of twenty different veggies! I recommend checking out this gem. 


Passionfruit Aquas Frescas

Tacos: Tinga Poblana & Cochinta 

Chicken Ji Song

Twenty-Vegetable Fried Rice

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#3) Wicked Spoon Buffet: A hotel buffet is a must-visit when you’re in Vegas. Why? Cause Vegas buffets are out of this world and 10x the size of the ones in Edmonton. Wicked Spoon Buffet and the Bellagio Buffet are my favorite ones to go to. Their brunch buffet was definitely more of a lunch buffet cause of the variety and amount of food there was to choose from! Reasonably priced at $26, you sure get your money’s worth. It was divided into many different sections and was complete with a huge dessert bar that had a gelato bar (happy me!). My favorite items were the fried chicken in a basket, cheesy potato hash, gnocchi, and Thai iced tea gelato. Everytime I ate here, I was full for at least 5 hours after…

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Coming up next will be part 2 of my Las Vegas trip!