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Remedy Cafe

So this is my 4th blog post in a row where I talk about chai lattes… Yes, I admit it, I have an addiction. While some people need their coffee fix of the day or else they’re cranky, I need my chai latte fix. This is where Remedy Cafe comes in. Known for their in-house chai, they also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their menu choices consist of different traditional Indian foods. Thank goodness for their 4 locations around the city. I usually go to the one on Jasper Ave, though, because of its spaciness and comforting atmosphere. I find that Remedy Cafe is perfect for study sessions or those small dates to catch up with a friend. And did I mention how amazing their chai is? 

Remedy chai. Ahh. Perfection in a cup. Remedy makes their chai in house, which is evident from the first sip. Their chai lattes are full of an aromatic mix of luscious spices. Rich in flavor and creamy, it can be ordered iced or hot. For those who fear caffeine, a decaf version is available as well. There’s a reason that Remedy is known as a “licensed chai bar” – it’s their specialty!
For myself, I ordered the Palak Paneer served with an endless amount of pita bread. I had ordered the wrap version on a previous visit which I really enjoyed. Palak paneer is a combination of spinach and cottage cheese, in a creamy curry base. The curry isn’t very strong in this particular dish, though, and there is a lack of spices to bring out the main flavours. Palak paneer is a great option for vegetarians. 
My friend ordered the butter chicken with a side of rice. I believe that the butter chicken is a popular item at Remedy. Butter chicken is a well-known traditional Indian recipe and at Remedy, they maintain the original taste. Rich and buttery in taste, the curry holds large pieces of chicken to create a flavourful dish. 
I am already craving another chai latte as I finish up this post. If you stop by a Remedy, be sure to check out their written-on washrooms as well!
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Address: 10279 Jasper Ave