Edmonton, Westside

Nosh Cafe

Nosh Cafe is one of those places that you’ve probably passed by without a second glance. More of a modern Indian restaurant, it’s small inside but their menu has quite a large selection. They are located in the west side and they serve chai lattes, too!
The menu is double-sided

A quiet afternoon at Nosh

Of course I had to order a chai latte. I think this was the main reason why I made my friend go to Nosh that day (my addiction is very real). We both got iced chai lattes because it was surprisingly warm outside for an October afternoon. Their lattes tasted fresh with a slight flavour of spice. You could definitely tell that it wasn’t made from a syrup!

I was originally going to order a few samosas but then I saw the samosa burger ($7.25) on the menu and I thought it was interesting. Honestly, I pictured it to be a patty in the middle with two samosas as the buns. Instead, the samosa burger is a large samosa in between two buns with some curried potatoes and peas between the bottom of the samosa and the lower bun. It was very interesting but delicious. The samosa was light and crispy, while filled with potatoes and peas. The curried potatoes and peas added a hint of spice to the burger. 
The samosa burger was served with a “salad” that seemed more like pieces of lettuce and some dressing.

My friend ordered the butter chicken wrap ($8.50) and she really enjoyed it!
I really liked the cozy atmosphere of Nosh and I would probably make a return if I’m around the westside. 
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Address: 10049 156 Street