124 Street, Edmonton

Watari: All You Can Eat

Deep fried rolls are my calling. <3
Located on 124 Street, Watari is the newest All You Can Eat Japanese cuisine in town. I was able to check it out earlier this month since I was really craving Japanese food. My friend and I came on a weekday night and the restaurant steadily filled up throughout the evening. We each paid $27 but on the weekend, the prices increase to $30 for dinner. Their lunchtime prices are slightly cheaper. The service was great and the food came out fresh and quick. The atmosphere was enjoyable as well since they had some comfortable booth seating. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who loves Japanese food or sushi!
The 3-page menu; the back page costed an additional fee. (click on photo to zoom)

We each started off with something light: Miso soup. The soup here actually had lots of tofu pieces unlike other places and the broth was flavorful.
The Ponzu sauce that came with the Beef tataki was a bit too sour for my liking.
2 orders of teriyaki beef. It was pretty good!
Shrimp tempura maki, cucumber maki, and avocado maki.
Sashimi (limit of 30 pieces per person) and salmon sushi. It was pretty fresh.
Our table layout

I didn’t get close-up photos of the deep fried items I ordered but they’re all pictured in the layout. I recommend the deep fried sushi rolls (they were definitely my favorite item). The Golden California and Golden Canadian rolls were delicious! The Golden Canadian deep fried rolls were filled with rice, bacon, and a cheesy sauce. The tempura shrimp and gyoza were good as well.

We decided to try the rice paper rolls, too. The fruit salad (left) was full of fruits and was refreshing. The rainbow salad (right) was interesting but we weren’t a fan of the green Wasabi-like sauce. 
Sadly, dessert isn’t included in the AYCE price. Watari offers a separate dessert menu for those who remembered to save some extra room for it! I ordered the Watari mud pie ($5) and although it came in a cute jar, I was disappointed by it. I thought it would be an actual pie but it was just 2 layers of ice cream (espresso and green tea) topped with some Oreo crumbs. I guess I should read the description more carefully next time!

Watari was a great choice for my first All You Can Eat experience and I will definitely be returning!
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Address: 10108 124 Street