Brunch Time, Edmonton, Southside

New York Bagel Cafe

New York Bagel Cafe is a quaint little restaurant that appears to have more of a European feel rather than a New York feel. The inside of it has a very homey feeling and although it’s small, it doesn’t make you feel like you are stuck in a box. They serve breakfast and lunch, and are well known for their Eggs Benedict. The options of Eggs Benedict combinations are endless but they also have other meals, such as omelettes and French toast. The wait for food was a bit long but definitely worth it! Pricing on the other hand was on the higher side, with most of the Eggs Benedict dishes being around $20. 

I ordered the Eggs Benedict with grilled apple and prosciutto ($20). The Eggs Benedict came on a bagel (choice of white, whole wheat, sesame, or cheddar), with fresh fruit and hashbrowns on the side. It was very filling and worth the price! The eggs were poached nicely and the proscuitto was soft and not too salty like many other places I went to. The proscuitto and grilled apple surprisingly tasted very flavourful together. The hashbrowns were seasoned very well and although a bit saltier than normal, they tasted delicious in combination with the eggs and fruit. Their fresh fruit included cantaloupe, melon, grapes, strawberries, kiwi, and fig. 
Side note: there was a 20% gratuity added onto my bill because I went with a table of 10. I guess this is usual for most restaurants so at New York Bagel Cafe it’s for 6 diners or more.
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Address: 8430 Gateway Blvd